Brilliant Charrua unbeatable and wins second event

Vitor Charrua won the second Open Darts Tournament in Keflavik. With high averages he kept all other participants far behind. In the final ‘The Grenade’ was too strong for Karl Helgi Jonsson.

Charrua started the tournament with an unique performance by beating Gudjon Hauksson 3-1 with an average of 88,80. Charrua started very strong with a 15-darter and a 110-finish in the first leg. Hauksson came back with a 17-darter for one a piece. Charrua remained cool and threw two 17-darters in a row for the victory.

In the quarterfinals Óskar Pétursson was the opponent for the great player in Iceland. The first two legs went to Vitor and was leading 2-0. In the third leg began Vitor with 180 and 177 and was on the 9-darter! Unfortunately the triple 20 was missed by Vitor. Eventually it became an 11-darter for a 3-0 win, what the best leg is that is registered at Live Darts Iceland so far. Vitor ended his match with an average of 79,10.

In the semi-finals was the Icelandic Dutchman, Waldi Bjarnason, the opponent of Charrua. Bjarnason began great with a 21-darter for the lead. Charrua came straight back with a 17-darter. In the third leg broke Charrua to 2-1. With a 18-darter completed Charrua the 3-1 victory over Bjarnason. Charrua had an average of 77,70 in his third match of the evening.

The other finalist was Karl Helgi Jonsson. He reached the final to defeated Tara Helgadóttir (3-0), Pétur Gudmundsson (3-2), Sigurdur Jonsson (3-0) and is the semi-finals he beats Gardar Magnusson. Jonsson was 2-0 behind and came back to 2-2. In the deciding leg throws ‘Kalli’ 137,100, 100 and checked out an incredible 164-finish to win the match in 12 darts.

The final went between the Icelandic players Vitor Charrua and Karl Helgi Jonsson. Jonsson broke immediately with an 20-darter for the lead. Charrua came back and won 2 legs in row in 18 and 21 darts. Jonsson hold his throw for a level game; 2-2. With a 113-finish in 12 darts took Charrua the lead again. With a 17-darter won Charrua the final 4-2 and won the second event in Keflavik. The average of Charrua was 78,50 and the average of Jonsson was 66,90.


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