Sublime Friðriksson wins event 5 after incredible final

Matthias Örn Friðriksson wins the fifth event of the Open Tournaments! He defeated Thorgeir Gudmundsson in the final in a high standard contest. 

Friðriksson started his tournament with a cracker against Vitor Charrua, who already won 2 tournaments this month. Friðriksson won the first leg in 19 darts. Charrua came back strong with a 20-darter for one apiece. Friðriksson broke Charrua’s throw for the second time in the match and now led with 2-1. Charrua missed a 46-checkout for 2-2, Friðriksson punished him and took the match; 3-1. The average of Friðriksson was 66,70.

In the quarterfinals Friðriksson played against Sigurdur Jónsson. Jónsson started better by taking the first leg. Friðriksson threw a 19-darter for a level game. Jónsson missed 4 darts at the double in his own leg, Friðriksson punished him by throwing double 8. In the fourth leg, Friðriksson threw 180 and completed the match in 20 darts. Friðriksson ended his quarterfinal with an average of 67,20.

In the semi-finals ‘Matti’ met Karl Helgi Jónsson once again. The first three legs went with the darts so Matthias led with 2-1. Jónsson missed three darts at the double for a deciding leg, Friðriksson hit double 4 for a 3-1 victory and a place in the final. He defeated Jónsson with an average of 62,70.

Thorgeir Gudmundsson was the other finalist. He reached the final by defeating Rúnar Árnason (3-0), Olafur Sigurjónsson (3-1) and Pétur Gudmundsson (3-2).

The final was started by Friðriksson, who won the first leg with a 13-darter! Gudmundsson missed a 72-finish for a level game,  Friðriksson seized his chance and make it 2-0 with a 17-darter. With a 19-darter was the 31-year-old Icelandic one leg away from victory! Gudmundsson didn’t give up and came back strongly with a 13-darter for 3-1! A leg later was the victory a fact for Friðriksson because he checked out 98 for a beautiful 4-1 victory! The averages were very high in the final, Gudmundsson finished at 79,30, while Friðriksson ended up at 85,60!

See below the statistics of event 5 from @Patrick180Bus!
Live Darts Iceland Open Tournaments; Event 5

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