Joseph Doroon wins his first big title; Icelandic Premier League

On Saturday-evening, the semi-finals and final of the Icelandic Premier League were on the schedule! Who crowned himself as champion?

The first semi-final went between Thröstur Ingimarsson and Hallgrimur Egilsson. Egilsson started well by keeping his own leg with a 77-finish. Then 2 legs went with the darts. In leg 4 Egilsson managed to break to 3-1 via D9. ‘Halli Egils’ didn’t win the break, because he missed 4 darts on the double. Ingimarsson stepped in and broke back to 3-2 via D10. Egilsson also missed doubles in leg 6,7 and 8, giving Thröstur a comfortable 5-3 lead. Egilsson didn’t give up, because he kept his own leg for 5-4. In leg 10 Ingimarsson missed 2 matchdarts on D18, Egilsson took his chance and checked out 59 for 5-5. In the decisive leg it was again Egilsson who missed 2 darts for the match, Ingimarsson threw tops and qualified for the final!

The second semi-final went between the man in form, Vitor Charrua, and Joseph Doroon born in the Philippines. Charrua started great and took the first 3 legs in 15,21 and 19 darts, besides Charrua took the second leg with a 119-finish. Doroon managed to break back in leg 4 with a 60-finish and kept his own leg via D10 3-2. Charrua missed an 88-finish on D7 for 4-2, via D9 broke Doroon for the second time back and so it was 3-3. Doroon simply kept his own leg and so he led for the first time in the game with 4-3. Charrua wasn’t at all involved, Doroon kept throwing a triple every turn and that resulted in Doroon also taking leg 8 and 9 to go to the final; 6-3.

The final of the very first Icelandic Premier League went between Thröstur Ingimarsson and Joseph Doroon. The game started with a high level, because Doroon kept his own leg in 15 darts, Ingimarsson did it in 14 darts. Then there were 3 legs with the darts, so Doroon with 3-2 the lead in the final. With a handsome 62-finish in 18 darts, ‘Jobbi’ broke to 4-2. Doroon couldn’t hold his own leg, because Ingimarsson broke back via D8 to 4-3. Ingimarsson threw a bad leg, Doroon took advantage and threw 60 for the third break in a row; 5-3. With a 19-darter, Joseph ‘Jobbi’ Doroon won the Icelandic Premier Final 6-3!

Great performance from the Filipino Icelandic. Well done Joseph!

View the statistics from @Patrick180Bus below:Icelandic Premier League_ Statistics of the finals