Hallgrimur Egilsson wins maiden Pro Tour title

Hallgrimur Egilsson takes the second Icelandic Pro Tour tonight! He defeated Gardar Magnusson in the final! Read here more about the second Pro Tour.

The tournament started with 15 players, with a very strong field. In the first half, the favorites were to reach the final Karl Helgi Jónsson, Gardar Magnusson and Oli Halldórsson. in the second half, were players like Hallgrimur Egilsson, Thorgeir Gudmundsson, Pétur Gudmundsson, Matthias Örn Friðriksson and Vitor Charrua!

Egilsson started his tournament with a tough draw against Thorgeir Gudmundsson. Gudmundsson immediately took the break with a great 72-finish. In the second leg Gudmundsson missed three darts on the double, Egilsson took advantage and threw 72 out for 1-1. With a 19-darter Egilsson kept his own leg. In the fourth leg, Egilsson took the win with the third 72-finish of the game; 3-1. Egilsson recorded a handsome average of 73,50.

In het quarterfinals was Guðmundur Friðbjörnsson the opponent of Egilsson. It became a simple victory for the experienced Icelandic player. The first leg went a bit rough, which went to Egilsson in 28 darts. The next 2 legs also went to Egilsson in 21 darts, with a 90-finish in the second leg . ‘Halli Egils’ ended on an average of 64,40.

In the semi-finals Egilsson played against Pétur Gudmundsson, who defeated Friðriksson and Charrua to reached the last 4. Egilsson started the game well by taking the first leg in 18 darts. With a 49-finish, Gudmundsson also kept his own leg. In the third leg Gudmundsson missed a 103-finish for the break, via double 4 Egilsson kept his own leg after many misses. In the fourth leg, Egilsson missed 10 matchdarts (!), Gudmundsson managed to make it 2-2 by double 2. In the decisive leg, Egilsson turned out to be too strong for ‘The Father’; 3-2. Egilsson ended on an average of 64,80.

The other finalist was the talented Gardar Magnusson. He defeated Karl Helgi Jónsson (3-1), Thorolfur Saemundsson (3-0) and Oli Halldórsson (3-1).

The final of the second Pro Tour went between Hallgrimur Egilsson and Gardar Magnusson. In the first 2 legs missed Magnusson 1 dart on the double in both legs, Egilsson benefits twice with a 7 and 74 finish for a 2-0 lead. In the third leg ‘Halli Egils’ produces a 12-darter with a beautiful 130-finish for 3-0. With an 18-darter, Magnusson keeps his own leg and comes back to 3-1. In the fifth leg Egilsson took via D12 his very first Pro Tour title; 4-1. Magnusson ended on an average of 61,40, Egilsson did a little better with an average of 69,70.

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SOURCE: Patrick Bus

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