Ingimarsson wins Pro Tour 7

Þröstur Ingimarsson beat Ingibjörg Magnúsdóttir 4-1 to claim his first Pro Tour win. With only 2 events remaining, it is getting clearer who will have a chance of winning qualification for the Premier League.

Hallgrímur Egilsson saw an opportunity to top the table with a good performance because Matthías Örn did not enter the event. Only 5 players entered the event and Egilsson was drawn against Pétur Rúðrik Guðmundsson in the only quarter final. Guðmundsson averaged 88,4 in a 3-0 win and made sure Matthías kept the top spot for at least another week.

Þröstur beat Garðar Magnússon 3-0 in the first semi final with an 86,7 average. Pétur Rúðrik was unable to keep up his good form in the semi final and Ingibjörg Magnúsdóttir won 3-1 and took out 116 to win the match.

Þröstur took the first leg of the final in 17 darts. Ingibjörg hit a maximum in the second leg and made it 1-1. Þröstur was too strong for Ingibjörg and took the next 3 legs to win 4-1.

Unfortunately we were not able to live stream the event but you can see all the scores here: Pro Tour 7

Below is the updated Order of Merit. With only 2 events remaining, only Matthías, Hallgrímur, Pétur and Vitor have a statistical chance of finishing on top and qualify for the Premier League

leaderboard 7 events

Pro Tour 8 will be on Wednesday Oct. 24.