All the statistics of the Icelandic Pro Tour 2018

The Pro Tour season of 9 tournament ended on Wednesday night. Hallgrimur Egilsson became number 1 on the Icelandic Pro Tour Ranking and won his fourth Pro Tour title. In this article you will find all statistics of all the Pro Tours. In addition, there are also a number of players to watch out for in the future.

Pro Tours 1-9
In total there have been 5 different winners on the Pro Tour circuit this year. Vitor Charrua started well by winning the first Pro Tour at the expense of Matthías Örn Friðriksson in the final; 4-3. Hallgrimur Egilsson won the next 2 Pro Tours. He defeated Gardar Magnusson (4-1) and Friðriksson (4-2) in the finals. During Pro Tour 4, Egilsson, Charrua and the Gudmundsson’s were not there, so there was a big chance for Friðriksson to take his first Pro Tour title. He didn’t won. Friðrik Jakobsson and Rudolf Einarsson both reached the final on their debut. In a exciting final Jakobsson took the win (4-3). Pro Tour 5 and 6 were won by Friðriksson who took the lead on the Pro Tour Order of Merit. The young talented Icelandic defeated Jakobsson (4-3) and Joseph Doroon (4-3). Unfortunately, only 5 players showed up during Pro Tour 7. In the final were Tröstur Ingimarsson and Ingibjörg Magnúsdóttir. Ingimarsson took his first Pro Tour title by winning the final 4-1. With 2 more Pro Tours, Friðriksson was first on the Order of Merit, Egilsson was second. In the last two Pro Tours, Egilsson reached the final in the last two events and defeated Charrua twice with 4-3 and 4-1. With this, ‘Halli Egils’ became the Icelandic Pro Tour Ranking Champion. ‘Matti’ finished second, Charrua finished in third place! Check below all the statistics of the 9 Pro Tours!
Live Darts Iceland Pro Tours; PT1
Live Darts Iceland Pro Tour 2Live Darts Iceland Pro Tours; PT3Live Darts Iceland Pro Tours; PT4Live Darts Iceland Pro Tours; PT5Live Darts Iceland Pro Tours; PT6_Live Darts Iceland Pro Tours; PT7Live Darts Iceland Pro Tours; PT8
Live Darts Iceland Pro Tours; PT9

A total of 19 100+ finishes were thrown during the Icelandic Pro Tour. The highest finish came in the name of Tröstur Ingimarsson, he pitched 137! All 100+ finishes can be viewed below!
Live Darts Iceland Pro Tour; Finishes

Below you can see an overview with all the statistics of each Pro Tour in a row! In total, 26 times 180 was thrown. The highest average was thrown during Pro Tour 6 by Matthías Örn Friðriksson. The best leg went to Hallgrimur Egilsson, who threw a 12-darter during Pro Tour 2. This and more can be found below!
Live Darts Iceland Pro Tours ; Stats per pro tour

Players to watch out!
The Pro Tour season has come to an end and we can also see which players are coming. The big favorites such as Hallgrimur Egilsson, Vitor Charrua, Pétur Gudmundsson, Matthías Örn Friðriksson and Tröstur Ingimarsson have achieved their status on the Pro Tour. You need to pay attention to the following players the following season:
-Karl Helgi Jónsson
-Friðrik Jakobsson
-Sveinn Skorri Höskuldsson
-Gardar Magnússon
-Rudolf Einarsson
-Páll Árni Pétursson
-Ingibjörg Magnúsdóttir